Great reviews for Ralph & Katie

Leon Harrop and Sarah Gordy as Ralph & Katie (c)ITV Studios

So thrilled to see positive reviews for Ralph & Katie. Everyone involved in this show is amazing. Hope you love it too!

“the stars of the series: Leon Harrop and Sarah Gordy. The pair are absolutely delightful on screen, selling both the emotional moments and the comedy completely. A series like this lives and dies on the chemistry of its leads, and it’s fair to say that, on that basis, this one thrives.” Radio Times Ralph & Katie review

Four stars: “this is pure joy, like taking a holiday full of laughs” – The Guardian Ralph & Katie review

“a charming and funny sitcom about the life of a married couple with Down’s Syndrome” – inews Ralph & Katie review

“Ralph & Katie stands or falls on its leads, and despite some hesitant line readings, Harrop and Gordy remain a team you keep cheering for even when they find themselves on opposite sides of an argument.” – Variety Ralph & Katie review

“You don’t need to have seen The A Word to pick up on the sweetly simple tale of a couple in love trying to overcome the everyday hurdles of a relationship, while also fighting against people who try to treat them as though they are different” – The Sun: Pick of the Day

“Like its progenitor, it has the feel of `a soapy daytime melodrama but it never veers into mawkishness, and Harrop and Gordy are talented actors that make you believe in and care about the characters they play.” – The Times: Critics Choice

“The A Word broke new ground with its sensitive but frank portrayal of parents navigating their son’s autism diagnosis. This equally pioneering spin-off follows newlyweds Ralph and Katie Wilson, who both have Down’s syndrome, and is helmed by an all-disabled writing team – a UK first” – The Guardian: ‘IN’ column

Four Stars: “”A gently comic look at life as they face the same highs and lows as all of us, as well as a few issues that are unique to those with Down’s syndrome – and their protective mums” – Daily Mail: Pick of the Day

“Premiering with a double-bill – with each episode by a neurodiverse writer – it is a charming, if saccharine romcom” – The Daily Telegraph: What To Watch

“It unfolds with the same easy warmth as its parent show, a gentle, humane drama about finding your place in the world and then holding on to it.” – The Sunday Times: Pick of the Week

“There’s humour aplenty in a rich script that doesn’t shy away from the challenges the couple encounter in their lives together.” – Mail On Sunday: Top Pick of Day