Filming starts on Ralph & Katie

Photo credit: Jules Hussey

We started filming for Ralph & Katie for BBC One. There will be 6 half-hour episodes about Ralph and Katie’s first year of marriage. It’s a spin-off of The A Word and includes many other characters from the show.

I’m so happy to be working with Leon Harrop (Ralph) again and talented actors like awesome Pooky Quesnel (Louise, Ralph’s mum and Katie’s mother-in-law) and Nigel Betts and Sherry Baines (Steve and Clare,Katie’s parents). And lovely Matt Greenwood (Tom) is back too. There’s also great new characters played by Craig Cash, Dylan Brady, Jamie Marie Leary, Sam Retford and Daniel Cerqueira.

This is a brilliantly inclusive show both in front of and behind the camera. The show’s creator and lead writer Peter Bowker has worked with a team of talented disabled writers. Jordan Hogg, our award-winning director, is disabled. And ITV Studios and BBC Drama are working with TripleC DANC to offer behind the scenes access and support for people who are deaf, disabled, autistic and neurodivergent and at an early stage in their career.