Ralph and Katie’s big day on The A Word

There are lots of great storylines in series 3 of BBC’s The A Word. For Ralph and Katie it’s finally time for their big day. It is a wonderfully positive story about two people who love and respect each other for who they are and have decided to make a life for themselves together. Just like every other couple getting married.

Filming was great fun. I absolutely loved my dress, sparkly socks and cool boots. I talked about this in my interview about The A Word in The Sun newspaper. There is such a lovely team of talented people working on The A Word to make our costumes, hair and makeup all look brilliant.

I love working with Leon Harrop, who plays Ralph. The scene saying our vows was really great to do because each character really comes through. Learning choreography for our first dance was great fun too. But I really love to dance freestyle which we got to do in wedding disco scenes. It was real laugh getting to dance around Leon and Christopher Eccleston, who plays Maurice.

Tune in to BBC 1 on Tuesday 2 June at 9pm or watch it on BBC iPlayer.

Ralph and Katie’s wedding. The A Word. BBC images copyright.