Reviews and audience reactions to Jellyfish

Sarah dancing on stage at Dorfman theatre

Photo by HelenMurray

4 stars from the Evening Standard for a ‘rare gem of a play’ “As Kelly, Sarah Gordy brilliantly embodies the fiercely independent streak of a woman desperate for sexual autonomy.” – Jessie Thompson

4 stars from The Financial Times “Sarah Gordy, as Kelly, is great — witty, passionate and stubborn” –

4 stars from The Times “Gordy took the plaudits when Jellyfish was first performed at the Bush Theatre in London last summer. She is an invigorating presence, clearly relishing playing the belligerent, salty, wise-cracking, overtly sexual and expectation-defying Kelly.” – Chris Bennion

4 stars from The Daily Mail “In this terrific cast of four, the focus is on Sarah Gordy as Kelly. She’s got Down’s and she’s got star quality.” – Melanie McDonagh

4 stars from The Up Coming “Gordy is a delight – determined, flirtatious, scared. She has a real connection with Young’s sincere and out-of-his-depth Neil.” – Connor Campbell

4 Stars from “[Gordy] delivers a powerful performance of longing and fulfilment-threatened that is electrifying.” – Mary Beer

4 stars from “the funny, charismatic actor Sarah Gordy for whom the play was written” – Will Longman

5 stars from Broadway World “She does what only the best of her profession can – holds a house in the palm of her hand, empathy created and shared without a shred of sentimentality. I doubt that I’ll see a better performance this year – maybe this decade.” – Gary Naylor

3 stars from The Telegraph “Sarah Gordy is tremendous” – Claire Allfree

“Kelly is a young woman with a fierce drive for independence and bodily autonomy, played with delightful charm and fire by Sarah Gordy.” – Amy Borsuk, Exunt Magazine

5 stars from Play to see