The Rite – watch the film on Nowness

The Chosen One, played by Sarah, exhausted on floor after dancing to her death

The Rite a film by Adam Csoka Keller for Nowness

In March, Culture Device performed The Rite at The Royal Opera House. In the following days, filmmaker Adam Csoka Keller worked with Culture Device to make this into a film called The Rite, exclusively for Nowness.

Culture Device developed this performance with the creative mentorship of the Royal Ballet. It is 106 years since the ground-breaking ballet for Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring made the audience riot.

We honour that radical spirit and savage moments of the original ballet in our homage to The Right of Spring. We didn’t have rights to include the music in the film but had wonderful sound design from Joao Poppe Toulson.

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The Chosen One lying on the floor surrounded by the other dancers

The Rite a film by Adam Csoka Keller for Nowness

Directed by Adam Csoka Keller
Art direction, set design and costuming by Masha Reva
Director of Photography Igor Smitka
Choreography by Daviel Vais & David Pickering
Sound design & composition by Joao Poppe Toulson
Make up Athena Paginton
Hair Maarit Niemela