“Shifting Perspectives” Retrospective Exhibition at The OXO Gallery

The Shifting Perspectives 2005-2012 retrospective exhibition is at The OXO Gallery, Southbank from 21st – 31st March. It shows the work of a group of professional photographers working with different models with Down’s Syndrome over 8 years.

The exhibition is in the main gallery, plus three extra floors at OXO. The Shifting Perspectives exhibition has been seen all over the world and this is the final opportunity to see all the work under one roof. The work is beautiful, joyful, uplifting even if you have no special interest in Down’s Syndrome.

Sarah Gordy in 'After Vermeer' by Richard Bailey

Sarah Gordy was Richard Bailey’s model for his ‘After Vermeer’ series and she is seen on the front cover of the Shifting Perspectives 2005-2012 book, which you can order from:
The Book Depository
Amazon in UK
Amazon in the US