TEDx Talk – 17th Nov 2012

Several organisations have asked me to give talks but I have always said no because I felt naked, not being in character.  However this was an invitation I did not want to refuse.  They have had so many great speakers with such fantastic thoughts I was flattered. TEDxYouth@Hackney is a one-day conference that wants to inspire people with great ideas. The theme is The Power of Youth.

UPDATE 21st NOVEMBER – It was my first go at public speaking I thought I would be able to see my notes, but the with bright lights I couldn’t see and I forgot what I was going to say.  I froze,  I was then given my notes and everybody thought I did well.  They all stood at the end and clapped and I have had some great feed back.  One lovely person said he had heard Bill Clinton talk the previous Friday but he found my talk more inspiring.  Next time, no problem.  I will have notes in my hand for security and probably will not have to look.

Sarah Gordy talks at TEDx Hackey