5 stars for Harold Pinter Shorts

“a very talented ensemble cast and production demonstrated just how powerful, funny, black and captivating the late playwright could be when performed with the right balance of subtltey and brute force.” – Victoria Nangle, Latest 7

“Faultless and hynotising, the cast left their audience reeling as the lights rose. Fantastic.” – Victoria Nangle, Latest 7

I’m really enjoying playing two different characters in ‘Harold Pinter Shorts’ an ordinary barmaid, who is a bit bored with her disgusting customer, and a highly strung, funny, messy-eating, bag lady. It’s part of the Brighton Festival Fringe at Upstairs at 3 and 10

Cast: Alex Barnes, Janice Cramer, Sarah Gordy, Jessica Jordan Wrench, Jamie Martin and Jonathan Rice.  Director Aine King, Producer Nicola Haydn – Other Place Productions.