Reviews for Into the Blue by Beverley Hancock

“Sarah Gordy, herself an actor with Down’s Syndrome, is delicious as Rosie; sassy rebellious and fiercely independent” – Sam Marlowe, The Times, Wednesday 14 July 2010

“Sarah Gordy raises a significant number of laughs from the audience, in a moving and engaging performance…Sarah Gordy’s natural ability to deliver a comic line result in a touching and thought provoking evening.” – Bryony Hegarty, N16 Magazine

“The role of Rosie is played beautifully by Sarah Gordy. She’s epitomises the stroppy and determined child and she delivers right on cue.” – Amardeep Sohi,Critic’s Cue: Spotlight Arts Culture

“[the mother] seems blind to her daughter’s spirit and independence – which the play (and Sarah Gordy’s spunky performance) goes some lengths to establish.” – Brian Logan, Time Out