Reviews for Seize the Day by Glenys Evans, Hijinx Theatre tour

“A long and demanding role, Gordy carries it off with great assurance. The upbeat climax brought tears to my eyes, not an easy thing to do after 40 years of reviewing.” Jon Holliday, The Stage


“The script, in fact, is disability blind, in other words, the fact that Sarah has Down’s Syndrome was deemed irrelevant … it is impossible not to react when the love story climaxes, as it must, in a passionate kiss – that kiss is a real coup de theatre.”David Adams, Western Mail

“Lead actress Sarah Gordy, a professional actress with Downs Syndrome, impresses the audience with her acting ability … Gordy has a wonderful expressive face that allows much to be left unsaid.” Carrie Briffett, The Big Issue

“Sarah Gordy is charming as this innocent yet feisty character. The actress is natural and sensitive.” Victoria Neil, Viewpoint

“This play takes another step forward and introduces Sarah Gordy an extraordinary professional actress who gives ‘Rose’ such a compelling and moving performance. Glenys Evans has incorporated Sarah’s extraordinary enthusiasm and love of Shakespeare into the plot.” Michael Kelligan,