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Dancing Clore Studio Upstairs Royal Opera House 9th February

Perhaps you would like to come to The Royal Opera House and see me dance. If you click on the following link you may be able to get a free invitation. There are three of us. Tommy Jessop, theatre and TV actor. Holly Riseborough, gymnast and me.

The dancing is improvisation, very raw and passionate. The plan is I will also be doing the “Electrocution of Debbie Adams” scene. Comedy. I am hoping that I can wear the amazing red beaded dress that makes me feel like Jessica Rabbit. Very Oscar, red carpet.

If you cant make the 9th. We will be at Sadlers Wells this Friday. If you contact Daniel Vais at Culture Device he may be able to get you an invitation

Brian Rix Lecture – Millbank Media Tower – Ideas for TV bosses

Perhaps you would like to read my speech. My ideas on drama.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me
to express my thoughts – on our industry – The Media
and what it is like – to be someone – with a learning

In the beginning of my career
the stage managers and assistant directors
were Horrified when they saw me.

How were they going to keep to a tight schedule
with a central character played by someone with

 Downs Syndrome? 

What happens is we KEEP on schedule,
We DO good work – And – I earn respect.
I know this – because they tell me later
But now – they want to work with me again

Sorry if I am blowing my own trumpet
but to change things
I must talk about what I know
However my experience – is probably relevant to other

Lisa Evans wrote my first TV show
She then got commissioned
to write my first professional play
“Once We Were mothers” – In a 800 seater theatre
In the round – A challenge 

The play was a success
and a few years later, it got another production
at the Orange Tree Richmond
With me attached

The writer trusts me
I Earn Trust

I am lucky as the press seem to like me
There are 1.4 million people – with a learning disability
I think more of these people
should be involved with the media.

I think we should have more positive reflections
in drama and print.

On stage I have played complex characters, who are
sometimes .. HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL 

TV is inclined to only have stories
about the problems disability brings.
The character is a “Disability” not a “woman”.
However, some writers who work with me
go onto writing more complex characters.

Thanks Heidi Thomas for my character in
“Call the Midwife” – and Lisa Evans

May I suggest to TV bosses – think positive
have faith in your writers
as my American dad says
“some of the best ideas – come from left field”
I think that means – don’t be conservative.

You like winners!

You create winners by thinking differently

A few words about developing new talent
and changing public attitudes.

I would like to see more small parts
played by people with learning disability.

Where the character has Nothing to do with disability.
Perhaps the person in the newsagent
our hero chats to every day. Or
The receptionist who makes you smile

Non “issue” roles. Just part of society.

One last thought.
I had a young employee in a supermarket
come up to me.
Adam has a learning disability. He said
“Sarah you were brilliant yesterday, but you
are not doing us any favours
Your characters are always helpless and sad.
Please play a character with a job, a life and Giggles.
What could I say. I don’t rule the world.

I’m happy to work ….. but can I change anything?

Thank You

“Doctors” Thurs 17th Sept 13.45 BBC1 TV

Sorry I have not posted for ages. Interesting things cooking. Next TV is “Big Girls Don’t Cry” as above. Pleased with it. I play with Jessica Regan who won Best Newcomer in the Soaps Awards. When I look into her eyes I know she feels what I feel. Chemistry was great, the DoP cried and the crew are the best critics.

My Commercial and Voiceover Agent.

Louise Dyson at Visable People is my Commercial and Voiceover Agent now. Life gets more and more interesting.

My Agent in LA

Have always wanted to say that.  I am now represented in American by Gail Williamson at KMR & Associates on Ventura Blvd., how cool.

Circus Starr Celebration

I am proud to be the Patron of Circus Starr.  They won an award for the best bit of tech to help people with Autism.  This App prepares people for a visit to the circus so you know what to expect and you can enjoy it.  I went up to Crewe to meet VIPs to celebrate Circus Starr’s success, and drink some champagne! Here are a couple of photographs.

Afterwards the lovely audience came in and we enjoyed a fantastic Big Top show.  Below I am standing with Joseph Dutton, he is 16 and has come to see the Circus over the years with Cheshire Academy.  He really enjoyed the occasion.

Theater Hagen – Germany – 7th June 2015

Dancing ‘Stop Making Sense’ at Theater Hagen, Germany on 7th June.  Then Daniel Vais and I will lead a ‘Dance Karaoke’ it is so much fun.

Victoria Derbyshire BBC2 Morning show

Really interesting, was on with some other people who have Downs Syndrome on 7th May. I learned a lot and social media really picked up on it.  We talked about getting paid work

Dance Kareoki

Daniel Vais.  Choreographer, Chef, Artist and Good Person. He makes interesting things happen. He is an adventurer in Dance, Food, Life.  He is not average.

I dance for Daniel in UK and Europe.  This was in Hackney. People who feel music, dance.

City of London Fashion Show

I am an Ambassador for Mencap UK and I was their guest at The Mansion House for champagne reception, Fashion Show and charity auction. Met many lovely people and mum and I got our photo in The Tatler. All very posh.  Raised lots of money.Mum also took a photo while I was waiting to go to The Mansion house if you want to see the dress. I love my new boots.