sarah gordy


A passionate and experienced actor with Downs Syndrome

Photograph of Sarah Gordy

I am an actor, a dancer and a woman first.  I have green eyes and Downs Syndrome. I am different, that is good.  I have been a professional for over ten years and I am getting interesting work. Most recently I was in Crocodiles at the Manchester Royal Exchange – a great new play from writer Lee Mattison, directed by Ng Choon Ping with an amazing cast. I loved working with them all and being in something new and different.

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Details make characters real for me, like the perfume they wear. Pamela in BBC’s Upstairs Downstairs wore ‘Blue Grass’ and Sally in Call The Midwife used ‘Coty L’Aimant’. I like to think about how they smell, what they eat, how they move and what has happened to them in the past. I like learning about history and about people.

What’s it like to work with Sarah Gordy?

“Sarah Gordy has played characters in both television and stage plays of mine. She transcends type casting in so many ways creating characters who are original and exceptional. She brings to rehearsals an enthusiasm and concentration which energises all around her. She is a consummate professional.

Her body of work goes far beyond playing ‘characters who have Downs Syndrome’ and her wit and charm, plus a determination to get it right however complex the language is, make her a performer who can make the audience believe she is whoever she says she is. I would work with Sarah any time.”

Lisa Evans, Playwright